Quoin Rock Stellenbosch, 2014


To protect against erosion and wave action, bidim A8 was placed underneath the rip rap. The bidim used in this project was produced using over 707 000 recycled cooldrink bottles.

Sunday River Bridge 2011


In order to carry out repairs on the bridge, a temporary construction platform was created with dune sand.  With the velocity of the water, the sand was kept in place using glazed geocontainers of bidim A6 and the platforms supported the entire 17 month construction.

ArcelorMittal Vanderbijlpark, 2011


bidim A4 was laid below and over the HDPE layer as liner protection of the capping of this waste facility.  It was also used as part of a riprap system in the storm water drainage canals.

Durban Harbour T Jetty, 2003


A bidim A6 sock barrier was used between the caissons to prevent leakage of the sand fill behind the caissons from leaching out of the reclaimed area and into the harbour

Booth Road Canal Durban, 1999


bidim placed below the reno mattresses prevents scour and does not allow the build up of excessive pore water pressure.